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From the outside, a construction job seems simpler than it is. A plan is laid out, tasks are divvied up everyone does their job, and it is successfully completed.

We at Chen & Fogg, however, understand that for the contractor carrying out these jobs, there is much much more involved. There is the planning, but then there is the purchasing of supplies, the acquisition of new tools, the paying of labor, and possibly even paying subcontractors to do a part of the job.

From a business perspective, there are lot of places here where money can leak out and, if not addressed, all the potential profit from a job can go away. At that point there is only so much time before the whole business goes away, too,


We have partnered with companies in these industries before, so we know how they work, and we know how they should work to help maximize your profits.

Bookkeeping in construction is not as simple as buying supplies, paying workers and then collecting an invoice. We can help you track just where all the money for a job is going, helping you find trouble spots that you did not know were eating up profits.


Once you have a better hold on where the money for a job goes, you will be able to start making better estimates. Once you start making better estimates, you will be collecting the level of money to stay profitable.


So if you are ready to gain confidence in how the finances of your business work, and start making more money, contact us today!







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