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There are problems with having delinquent taxes that are pretty obvious. No one wants to have extra bills hanging over them, after all, especially ones like unpaid taxes that can rapidly expand with penalties and interest. There are many reasons why one may not pay taxes, though. Many good people find themselves in bad situations. Instead of just ignoring it, however, get a team on your side who can help you pursue the best options and answer any questions you have.


Do you want to know:

What extensions are available?

What kind of penalties and interest will I have to pay on delinquent taxes?

Why should I file even if I can’t afford to pay?

What can I do if I can’t make a payment?

What can a qualified accountant do to help me?

What we want to know, though, is if you are ready to take care of these tax problems. We assume your answer is yes or you wouldn’t be on this page at all. So contact us today and find out what we can do to help!







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