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Heating & Air Conditioning


When one thinks of heating & air conditioning and taxes, the first thought may be getting tax credits for making a home more energy-efficient. Someone has to install those systems, though, and we are here for those that do.


Have you ever wondered how much of your money you are paying on goods, how much on labor, how much on equipment, etc.? Have you ever wondered if you are charging correctly for jobs to maximize your profits and shield yourself with protection against problem jobs? We can help you with all these concerns.


Do you ever look back on a job, feel it went as expected and still wonder where all the profit went? We can also help fix that.


Businesses like yours probably don’t have an accountant on staff. You may be tracking what you spend in various areas, but are you then able to split this out by job? If you do not have these advanced settings available with how you keep your financial numbers, then you are not getting all out of your business that you should.


We at Chen & Fogg can set you up with a bookkeeping system that can help you answer all these questions. You can find out just where your money is going. We can help you track it to make better estimates and be sure you charging enough to keep you profitable. So if you are ready to start getting greater control over your finances and a better understanding about how your business works away from the job site, contact us today!






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