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As we always say here, you certainly could prepare your tax return alone. Many people do it, after all, but most of them are then left with questions concerning it.


Did they do everything correctly?


Are they opening themselves up to IRS attention?


Could they have received a bigger refund?


These questions can be stressful, and the answers could mean that you are not receiving all the money to which you are entitled.


It is very understandable how this could happen. Just think of all the ways there are to receive income: wages and salaries; interest; dividends; business income; capital gains; rental income. Then think of all the expenses that could play into your return: business expenses; medical bills; donations; charity contributions; interest expenses.

Now think of the credits you will see on a return that you could benefit from: Earned Income Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit, Adoption Credit, Retirement Savings Contributions Credit; First-Time Homebuyer Credit; Premium Tax Credit.


With this many pieces to considers, of course you could be left feeling like you may have missed something.


We at Chen & Fogg, though, are experts in taxes. We spend time with this stuff all year long and have the confidence and expertise to get you everything you deserve and to do it in the right way. You may think that hiring a tax professional is an expense that you don’t need, but it is something that could pay for itself, in peace of mind and possibly in actual dollars. So if you are ready to be sure that your taxes are done in a manner where you are sure they worked to your greatest advantage, contact us today!







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