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Committed to Your Success


It wouldn’t do us much good if none of our clients were doing well. That is part of why we are dedicated to bringing you quality service that will help your business succeed. We want to provide you with a level of commitment that benefits everyone. If you thrive, we thrive.

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Chen & Fogg Accounting



Personalized Service


We here at Chen & Fogg, CPAs deal with many different types of businesses. We enjoy working with industries where we already have experience, but also love learning about new ones. Either way, we are

committed to knowing who YOU are and giving the particular attention that your business deserves.

We Give You More Time



Get More Time Without Sacrificing Service


Giving up some of your accounting to an outside source should be empowering. We want to give you the confidence that your finances are being taken care of so that you can spend more time on your business. Take advantage of our expertise so that you can take advantage of your expertise.

The Chen & Fogg Accounting Experience


Save Your Business Money  Gain Efficiency


You did not start your business to spend all your time on its finances. That’s what we do! Let our experienced team do the job and show you where there are chances to optimize your finances for the greatest gain. Then you can get back to doing what you wanted to do in the first place – your business.


Get Tax Problems off Your Back


Owing money to the IRS is a strain, both personally and professionally. We have experience with these problems and can navigate the IRS’ waters for you. Imagine your life with that burden removed from you, then contact us, find how we can help, and start moving in the right direction.


Get the Most out of Your Taxes


Taxes do not only happen on April 15. Put our team to work for you whether you need to make amendments to past returns or plan for the future. Either way, once we are on your side you will know that you are positioned to make the most out of your return the next time that date comes around.


Protect Yourself with Due Diligence


Buying a business can be a wonderful opportunity and set a new path for both your personal and professional lives. But wouldn’t you like a second opinion before jumping into such a big decision? Our team can give a comprehensive analysis of the potential business and the knowledge to help you make an informed choice.


Gain Control at Affordable Rates


Your business may be thriving to a point where you are no longer worried about its finances, but do you understand your whole financial picture? Our controllers can help you with deep analysis, cash flow projections and future forecasting that can keep your endeavors, and your bank account, growing.


Maximize Your Accounting Workflow


Having an accounting team in-house works for large businesses, but it is not necessary for everyone. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping with us allows you to be confident you are handing the numbers to someone who knows how to do the job, without the cost of paying employees.

We Provide Solutions For Everyone


Our goal at Fogg and Chen CPA is not to be everything to everyone, but to be exactly what you need. Different businesses have different needs and you don’t want to purchase a suite of accounting services for your business when you are only using half of them. We have experience in many areas, so we can give you whatever services are necessary. And by getting only what you need, you will save money by not paying for more than that. We strive to ensure that our people, our services and our dedication to your success will keep us a critical part of your operation and contribute to your success.






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