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There may really be no such thing as a “simple” tax return.


Even those with only minimal income, one job and standard deductions could be left with questions:


What forms do I need to file?


What money has to be reported on a return?


How much money has been taken out of my check?


Do I get any of that money back?


Am I getting all the money back that I can?


Taxes are not easy, and may even seem mysterious. An amount of our money is being taken away by a government entity and seeing where that money goes is not always apparent. So even if you think that your return is “simple,” your questions are still valid,and we would still be happy to help you get answers to them. And many people have tax returns that are anything but simple.


The amount of tax documents you receive increases as your financial picture grows, and the amount of tax forms, schedules, etc. that you have to file rises along with those. The questions you have may be much the same as when you had a less difficult return, but the answers are more difficult to find and having the right ones could mean keeping more money in your pocket. It is nearly impossible for a regular individual to get those best answers on their own, and even if you find them, doing so takes up more time than might be reasonable.


At Chen & Fogg, though, we work with taxes year-round and have the experience and confidence to give you the best answers. So if you are ready to work with a tax professional, and reap all the benefits that come with it, contact us today!







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