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So you owe a tax debt, but are ready to face it, find the settlement that is best for you and finally get that huge weight out of your life.

Great, that is a fantastic step.

But do you know how to take those steps?

You deserve credit for not avoiding this battle, but you could fight it even better with experienced

professionals from Chen & Fogg by your side.

Thankfully, the IRS has made some changes in recent years that make dealing with unpaid taxes easier

for the taxpayer. In that environment you feel that you quality for a payment plan or an offer in

compromise. If that is the case, congratulations, it is great to feel any sort of relief.

But wouldn’t it be even better if you got a better deal?

We already know how these cases work, we can look at your situation and give you a confident,

informed opinion on where you stand. Or you can even give us the power to take over that IRS

negotiation for you.

It feels good to tackle your problems and improve your situation, but would it not be even better if you

did not even have to deal with the IRS throughout it?

Contact us today if you want us leading the way.







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