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Boutique Eateries/Retail Shops


Those who run small shops begin the adventure with a passion for their products. There are items or services one enjoys and wants to offer to others. It seems easy on the surface, but there may be more tasks necessary to keep the finances in order than you knew.


No place of business is stocked from one vendor. Multiple vendors are providing goods, and they are doing so on different schedules. Do you have a way to track that and make sure that everyone is getting paid on time? Some of them will even give you a discount if you pay fast enough, so this is something you want to be on top of.


Many of these small businesses start without a full knowledge of what will be necessary to pay employees. Sure, you can set an hourly rate, but legally paying them does not just involve multiplying that number by the number of hours worked and handwriting a check. Business owners may find out about this stuff and then find themselves in a back room, battling paperwork far away from the areas that excited them about starting the venture in the first place.


We at Chen & Fogg understand this scenario and have the experience and knowledge necessary to make your business work closer to how you envisioned when setting out.

Whether you need a system to track invoices and payments, a system to track your income, or even need a new payroll solution, we know how to do that and can put together a suite of services to fulfill your needs.


So if you’re ready to get back to working on your business in the ways that you enjoy, contact us today!







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