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Like almost everything these days, there are ways to go online and find calculators to estimate your tax payments. Like almost everything these days, much of what you use online needs to be done with caution. There are obviously easy ways to get a general feel for how much tax you are going to have to pay, but those ways cannot give you definite numbers. At the same time, however, there are ways to get those more definite numbers. If you are looking into how much you have to pay, you obviously have some concerns in this arena.

Do you want to answer them with vague answers or do you want to completely quell it with real numbers?

This is just another one of the things a real accountant can do for you, and another service that we are happy to offer at Chen & Fogg. First, know that if you come to us seeking a tax estimate, we understand that it is in our best interest to give you good answers. The better service we offer, the more likely you are to come back to us. We can give these great answers because we know the questions to ask. An online calculator can ask income and expenses, but we can find out just where those income and expenses come from and how they specifically impact your tax picture. Then you will know whether you should be paying more … and if you want to start making some early payments, we can help do that as well. Or maybe it turns out that you have been paying too much. We can tell you that, too, so you can start keeping more money in your pockets.

So contact us today if you want to find out how to start taking control of your tax picture and maximizing its benefits!







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